Why I'm Committed to Your Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Stepping into your true self can be a daunting journey, filled with self-doubt and uncertainty. It’s easy to feel lost when you’re working on your personal and spiritual growth. That’s why having a guiding hand can make all the difference. With a proven pathway and expert guidance, you can move from feeling stuck to embracing a life of clarity, confidence, and purpose. You don’t have to go through it alone; the right support can highlight the path to your most radiant self.

The Aha Moment:
When Everything Clicked into Place

8 years ago, I was at a crossroads with so many questions about my purpose, who I was, my self-worth, and the path ahead. It was so hard trying to figure it all out and actually start working on myself, but it was also the catalyst for a profound transformation. 

It was through my own powerful transformation that the lightbulb went off, I found the path I was meant to walk and who I really was. I dug deep in my own spiritual and personal growth, honing the skills and tools that have become the cornerstone of my business today. Now, I’m here to guide you through your own transformative journey. With SoulSpark Alchemy, you’re not just getting a coach; you’re gaining a dedicated partner equipped with the insights and strategies to help you unlock your fullest potential.

Here are some fun facts about me!



Psychic Powers, Activate! 🌟 I don’t just use my psychic abilities; I’ve honed them over years of dedicated practice. They’re integral to every stage of SoulSpark Alchemy, from initial consultations to deep transformational work. It’s like having a spiritual guidebook for your journey. This isn’t just a business; it’s a calling



Inclusivity is Non-Negotiable! 🌈 I’m committed to creating a safe, inclusive space for everyone. Authenticity means embracing who you are, regardless of gender or background. If you’re tired of spaces that preach authenticity but limit you and don’t feels safe, you’ve found your sanctuary.  You can sit with us!



Chronic Pain Warrior! 💪 Living with chronic pain and Scoliosis has given me a unique perspective on resilience and transformation. I understand the physical and emotional toll it can take, which is why I’m passionate about helping you navigate your own journey, challenges and all.  Your journey should be unique to you.

client results
Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sarah and her services. Treat yourself, it’s such good value for money. Blown away since her very first reading.
Marie C.
Academy Member

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